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Why you need to raise your asbestos awareness?

Hazardous materials can be everywhere in your living or working space. Many buildings in Australia, residential or commercial, which were built within the 1990s are most likely to contain asbestos materials. Products such as cement sheeting, roofing and wall sheets, brick cladding, roof shingles, drainage pipes, fencing, vinyl floor tiles, gaskets, clutch housing or elevator brake were commonly contain non-friable asbestos materials.

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Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), whether friable or non-friable, can often be found in wet areas such as in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. Non-friable materials do not pose a health risk if they are left undisturbed. Unlike non-friable materials, loosely bound asbestos (friable) is potentially very dangerous because it can become airborne easily.

Some facts about friable and non-friable materials:

  • Non-friable ACMs were often used inside of a domestic house for wall sheeting or ceiling sheet.
  • Friable ACMs were primarily used in commercial and industrial settings for fireproofing, soundproofing and insulation. Friable products can also be found in some old domestic heaters, stove and hot water systems.
  • Friable products must be immediately removed by an ‘A’ class removalist who holds a valid license and certification.

How asbestos commonly used in QLD:

If you suspect that your home may contain ACMs, get in touch with a professional right away. Asbestos Watch Cairns will connect you experts who offer quality asbestos testing Cairns services. They will check and do a thorough inspection within your building.

Our approved contractors hold a class-A license and have extensive experiences in running asbestos test in residential, commercial and industrial building. They deliver the best services at reasonable costs for the clients. Our endorsed contractors are highly skilled and trained, which makes them the best in the field. Trust your fibrous testing projects to our endorsed members, and you can rest assured. Clients’ safety and satisfaction are top priorities for our endorsed contractors.

Get asbestos testing Cairns for your healthy life!

If you are thinking of renovating your home within Australia, it is the best to do an  asbestos testing work first. Do not renovate your home or demolish your property before you are certain that your property is safe from hazardous ACMs.

You can do DIY attempt to test ACMs in your building as long as you follow the procedures and regulations of handling fibrous products.

  • You can actually purchase sampling kits and disposable equipment to take samples.
  • However, when you are doing the sampling process, make sure you do not damage the bonded fibre.
  • Then, you have to bring the sample to an accredited laboratory.
  • Remember, after your work with ACMs is done, you must dispose of all the used equipment in a legal and safe way.
  • You have to keep your work area clean to make sure that it’s safe and not contaminated by fibres.

If those procedures are too complicated to be followed, then it is a wise step to hire licensed contractors to do the jobs. Call our professional members immediately. Our approved contractors will handle your ACM testing jobs seriously and in the safest manner. They will come to your place and do detail inspections.

They will document all suspected materials in a register and further prepare a control plan. After collecting the sample, they will bring the sample to an accredited laboratory to be analyzed by an accredited assesor. Once the process is done, our contractors will handed you the final report.

About ACM laws in Queensland:

It is important to do a testing procedure when you suspect that your home contains the dangerous fibres. Fibre exposures will risk your health. Though the mere presence of ACMs will not cause any harm, if they are left undisturbed or damaged, they can release airborne fibres into the air. When fibres are inhaled, they can be harmful for your health since they will cause the progression of aggressive diseases in the future such as mesothelioma and lung cancer. The symptoms of these diseases might not be be felt immediately since the latency period of these diseases are between 15 to 30 years.

Protect yourself and your family by getting your property tested by our members. They offer you quality asbestos testing Cairns services at great costs. Their team of specialists are always ready to help you to get rid of this hazardous material immediately. Contacting our endorsed removalist will be your smartest move in handling ACM problems and ensuring  your family, employees and your own safety.

The danger of fibre on:

How to test for fibrous materials in your building?

According to Australian and Queensland laws, only a certified person can do asbestos removal and testing job.

Here is the brief explanation of fibrous examination process in your property:

  • Collecting samples from the suspected materials: Legally, you can collect non-friable materials your own. But the regulation is different for friable materials, it is important to do the sample collection in the right way in order to prevent the fibre to spread widely. Our approved removalists will take a bulk of suspected ACMs from your home with proper sample kits. The sample will be put right away in sealed bags.
  • All samples must be tested in an accredited laboratory: To do a quantification analysis of the fibres, Polarized Light Microscopy and Stereo Microscope Analysis techniques are used. Polarized Light Microscopy can differentiate friable and non-friable particles from the samples, while Stereo Microscope Analysis is used to identify the presence of fibrous from a bulk material.
  • Disposal of samples and equipment: Once the test is done, the sample will be sealed and put into sealed All tools and equipment that were used during the sampling process will be disposed of at an EPA-approved disposal facility.

Our approved assessors will inspect your property to make sure that the removal and testing process is done safely and in accordance with the legislation. Our members strive to deliver the best services and meet clients’ expectation. We are proud in our endorsed members’ skills and knowledge.

The best Asbestos Testing Services at Value Prices

Call our members today for quality asbestos testing Cairns! We connect you to Class-A licensed contractors who have a vast experience and knowledge within the fibre testing industry.  They provide services for commercial, residential or industrial properties in the Cairns area.

Our approved members are professional and reliable. With their skills and experience, they are committed to provide high quality services at competitive prices. All jobs will be carried safely, efficiently and with the provisions of current legal procedures.

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