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"Asbestos Watch Endorsed Contractors for a secure asbestos roof removal in Cairns"

Know Your Roofs! Do they contain asbestos?

Roofs are one of the most important parts of a property and safe roofs equal with safety life. The roof protects us from heat, cold and extreme weather. So, choosing the right roofs for your building is most likely the smart way to do.

However, since the 1990s, non-friable materials (bonded asbestos) are widely used in commercial, residential and industrial properties in Australia. Fibrous materials are used because they are strong, resistant to heat and to many chemicals, and do not conduct electricity. Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are commonly used in roofing, cement sheeting, wall sheet, vinyl floor tiles, fencing, stove, hot water systems, etc.

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If you have an old house and you want to change your ceiling or demolish your ceiling, you have to be cautious. You need to check and test it first as your ceiling might be contaminated with asbestos. Bonded asbestos might not poses risk as long as it is remains untouched and undamaged.

The problem is that with time, the top layer of the roofing sheets may break down and generate fibres. Fibres that are released into the air are dangerous and you may inhale them. Inhaling ACM is dangerous because it may cause a progression of aggressive diseases such as asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. You can not feel the symptoms immediately since the latency period of these disease are between 15 to 30 years.

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Asbestos Watch Cairns connect you with Class-A licensed contractors who have been trained and knowledgeable in handling asbestos roof removal Cairns jobs. We proud in our approved members ability in delivering satisfactory results and services. Our experts removalist will remove dangerous roofing products in your building and take thorough inspections and ACM testing procedures in your property before conducting any asbestos roof removal Cairns work.

If you suspect that your roofs may contain fibrous materials, give us a call immediately!

Asbestos roof removal Cairns is a complicated job. Only a worker with a right certification can perform the roof elimination jobs. Our endorsed contractors will conduct a thorough job and in compliance with the plan to keep it on track. Your safety and satisfaction are the top priority for our members. Do not hesitate! Contact one or more of our contractors for the best asbestos removal jobs in Cairns. Get quality services at value cost!

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Removing your roofs safely!

DIY attempts to remove the roofs might not be the wise option as it may endanger the bonded asbestos in your roofs. You need to consider that the work should comply with the laws and safe procedures for working with fibres. The Queensland authority has stated that only a worker with licensed can do jobs related to ACMs.

Our approved contractors are the right choice for your roof removal jobs. Our endorsed members will do thorough jobs in handling your roofs in the safest manner and in accordance with national and local regulations.

  1. ACM Testing Procedure: After you contact our contractors, they will come to your home to do a detail inspection on your roof. They will do several testing procedures before conducting fibrous roof elimination works. The samples will be brought to an accredited laboratory and they will hand you the report once it’s done. When the testing procedure is done, our specialists will prepare a control plan and make an asbestos register to check the presence of fibrous materials in the roofs. The control plan will be made available for everyone in order to raise awareness of asbestos presence within your area.
  2. Removing and Replacing Activities: Our approved contractors will carry out an encapsulation process to prevent health hazards prior to the removing process. The damage materials will be coated with a special adhesive. Our expert members will take several precaution measures while removing ACMs from your ceiling, such as: seal the contaminated area with plastic sheets to keep it clean and safe, ensure that the removed ACM ceiling remains wet, put the discarded ceiling materials in sealed bags and put all equipment that was used during removal process in sealed bags before disposing them properly. Our endorsed assessors will supervise the elimination process and ensure that the jobs are done in a safe way. Clearance inspection will be done to verify that your property is safe for daily occupation. If required, our contractors will replace your old roof with a new material of your choice.
  3. Disposal Process of Hazardous Materials: Your contaminated roof should be disposed of appropriately and safely. All the equipment, gloves and protective clothes that were used during the removal process will also be disposed of. Our contractors will provide the transportation vehicle to take the hazardous materials and the equipment to a legal landfill facility that is approved by the Cairns city council. The disposal procedures will be carried out in compliance with national and local legislations. Once the process is completed, our endorsed members will hand you the final written report.

Our Endorsed Contractors for High Quality Ceiling Elimination Jobs!

Australia has strict  laws related to fibrous materials works. Asbestos roof removal Cairns works should be performed by a person who has a certification or by a licensed removalist. Individual worker who does not hold a license must meet certain training requirements before doing fibre removal jobs. Hiring a licensed contractor is a better option to do the elimination job, since there are certain rules and procedures to be followed.

Our Class-A contractors are always ready to help and assist you.

With their extensive experiences in residential, commercial and industrial settings; they strive to deliver high quality services and meet clients’ needs and expectations. Our approved members are highly skilled, trained and knowledgeable in doing asbestos roof elimination works. You can rest assured cause your fibrous ceiling eliminations are handled by licensed professionals.

Contact our approved contractors for high quality roof removal works in Cairns. Get your 100% free quotes now!