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Raise Awareness : Asbestos dangers in older homes

Identifying the presence of asbestos -containing materials (ACMs) within your home may be difficult, especially only by a mere sight. Furthermore, the only way to be sure is by having a sample of the suspected materials analyzed by a certified laboratory. A DIY attempt on collecting the samples can be dangerous cause you may damage the ACM itself and release hazardous materials to the air. That is why the government stated that only a qualified and certified person can do the removal job.

If your house was built around the 1990s, then most likely it will contain fibrous materials. Fibrous materials can be found around:

  • walls and ceiling sheets,
  • in the bathroom floor or bathroom wall sheets,
  • in the dining and kitchen (vinyl floor tiles),
  • corrugated roof,
  • cement vent pipe,
  • wall cladding,
  • “hardiplank” woven fencing,
  • hot water pipes
  • and many more.

Those are the common areas where fibrous materials were commonly used in a construction. However, these materials will not harm you if you leave them undisturbed.

asbestos removal cairns

Handling ACMs may be tricky and complicated as there are multiple legal requirements and legislations surrounding the removal and disposal of fibre. If you suspect that your house is contaminated by asbestos, it is the best to call a professional to do a proper inspection and doing the removal process.

Asbestos Watch Cairns endorses highly skilled and experience contractors in performing asbestos removal Cairns works, as you need.

With their team of specialists, our members always ensure the jobs are done appropriately and in accordance with relevant codes of legislation. We take pride in our approved members’ ability to perform quality asbestos removal Cairns jobs.

Trust your asbestos removal Cairns projects to our contractors! They will provide you with excellent results – at great costs.

Do’s and Don’ts : Ways to handle fibre in Cairns, Australia

When you are handling materials containing fibre, there are several things you need to take into account. Queensland laws prohibit the use of certain tools and work methods when you are dealing with ACMs, as they can generate dangerous airborne fibres.

These are activities you must never do when dealing with or removing fibres, such as :

  1. Do not use power tools such as angle grinders, circular saws and electrical sanders (unless you enclosed or used it with a device or process that prevents dust).
  2. Do not use high pressure water cleaner especially on fibrous cement roofs, fences and walls as it may destroy the surface of fibres and spreading the hazardous materials widely and putting your health and your neighbors’ health at risk.
  3. Do not use compressed air or abrasive blasting.
  4. Do not use household vacuum cleaners even if they have a HEPA filter. Only special design cleaners for asbestos works can be used.

The activities mentioned above can cause the release of a large number of airborne fibrous. Homeowners can be fined up to $10.000 if they are using high pressure water blasters on ACMs. They also must pay for the clean-up costs.

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Wearing protective equipment is a must when you are handling fibrous materials. Personal protective equipment (PPE) should be worn by workers to protect them from fibre exposures, including:

  • P2 disposal mask or a half-face respirator: Proper respirator is needed as the ordinary dust mask will not be effective in preventing the inhalation of ACM and dust. You will need to purchase a respiratory mask, which is specifically designed for working with asbestos. The respirators should comply with the Australian Standard AS1716.
  • Disposable overalls suitable for the task: Disposable clothing must be worn all time to prevent contamination risks. You need to spray your clothing with a light mist of water and removed them and put all of your asbestos waste in sealed bags.
  • Face and hand wipes: Have a thorough shower after finishing the work to remove any dust and ACM that may be on your body.
  • Boot covers or gumboots: Do not reuse the boot covers after you complete your work.

Protect your health, remove asbestos now!

Asbestos removal Cairns works should be done by a person who has a valid license. It is better to contact or hire a licensed removalist to do the job. You need to follow certain procedures to work with ACMs and the works must be in accordance with current legislation and laws.

Our Class-A contractors are always ready to help you. They are trained and have extensive experiences in removing fibre. After contacting our approved contractors, they will come to your place to check and do a thorough inspection within the suspected area.

They are going to do a sampling process and handed the samples to a certified laboratory. Once the result comes and it’s positive that your house contains fibres, the’ll prepare an ACM register and removal control plans. They will make these documents readily accessible for you and your building occupants.

Before commencing the work, our members will notify the Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

Before doing the fibre extraction jobs, they are going to inform people around the area and also limit the access to the removal area. Decontamination facilities will be made available around the working area. Our trusted members will do the jobs safely and cleanly.

You also don’t need to worry about the disposal process, because our approved contractors will disposed of the waste properly in legal facilities. Once the work is completed, you will receive a final report.

Contact our approved members for quality works

Our A-class contractors are highly skilled and extensively trained. With their vast experience in commercial and residential settings, they strive to deliver the best services and meet clients’ expectations. All works will be conducted in the safest manner possible.

You can feel at ease since our endorsed removalists will ensure that the works are carried in accordance with national and local laws. Contact our contractors now and get your free quotes!