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How to recognize asbestos in your house?

If you live in a property that was built before 1990, most likely it will have fibrous materials that were used to build the building. Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) have been widely used in wall and floor sheeting, roofing, fencing, pipes and hot water system products.

asbestos management plan in Cairns

Australia has a serious problem with ACMs. This is because some time back then, from the 1940s to the late 1980s, fibrous materials were mainly used as:

  • a binding product in home building materials
  • thermal insulation,
  • fire proofing,
  • brake linings,
  • clutches,
  • and many more.

Warning stickers have been installed by the government in residential housing properties built before 1990, to raise tenants’ awareness to the possible presence of fibres. You can find the stickers inside the electrical meter box door and also next to the smoke alarm sticker on the back of your linen cupboard door.

Many buildings in Queensland built from the 1940s to the late 1980s contain fibrous materials.

A non-Friable material or bonded asbestos is usually not dangerous, most of the time, it will not risks your health. But it becomes hazardous when disturbed or damaged, and when the microscopic fibres become airborne. The fibres can be inhaled into the lungs and may risk your health as it may trigger the progression of deadly disease such as:

  • mesothelioma,
  • lung cancer
  • and asbestosis.

If you think that your property has a damaged ACMs contact our endorsed members immediately. Only removalists who hold a certification or a license can perform ACM- related jobs. An unsafe removal process can also contaminates the ground around your home, so it is better to not perform DIY attempt if you never receive a proper training.

Why is it important to make an asbestos management plan (AMP) for your property?

If you have a property in the Queensland area, as stated in the Workplace Code of practice 2011, you must have an AMP. This document helps property owners or managers with the control of buildings, to prevent fibre exposures to their staff and site visitors. It is to alert people around the building to the possible presence of fibrous materials.

A person with a responsibility for the management or control of a workplace must take actions to identify and record ACMs.

The findings must be documented in a register and all identified ACMs must also be labeled. Everyone at the premise, where fibrous materials are present, must be informed about the presence of ACMs, the consequences, and risks of exposure to ACMs and other proper control measures.

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A good control program should set clear objectives, stating what it is going to be done, when it is going to be done and how it is going to be done.

According to Queensland government regulations, the program must include:

  1. Asbestos register (The register must be maintained so that the information is always up to date).
  2. A detailed control plan or a good maintenance plan, which inform who has to perform the work, the dates it was going to be done, the extent of the work, and certification of clearance.
  3. Way to inform people at risk about the presence of fibrous materials in the workplace, ACM risks and the implemented control measures in place.
  4. Decisions about the implemented control measures and elaborate why those decisions were taken.
  5. A timetable of action (priorities and dates for reviewing risk assessments).
  6. The monitoring schedule.
  7. Training awareness schedule for workers and contractors.
  8. Reassessment schedule.
  9. Safe work methods.

An AMP must be written in order to identify ACMs and all naturally occurring fibres at a workplace. The plan must be readily accessible to workers and visitors there. The plan must be updated and reviewed at least once every five years.

The plan will have to be updated immediately if these cases happen:

  1. A fibrous material is removed, damaged, sealed or enclosed
  2. The plan is no longer sufficient for managing ACMs at the workplace
  3. A control measure is no longer adequate to protect the building occupants
  4. A health and safety representative requests to conduct a review in a specific situation

Call our endorsed contractors now. Our approved contractors will prepare and make a sound AMP for your building. All the procedures involved, in making an AMP for your building, will be in accordance with the Workplace Health and Safety Queensland’s regulations. Our approved members are highly skilled and hold a Class-A license to perform the removal jobs. You can trust your asbestos management plan Cairns works to our endorsed contractors.

Find out more about workplace health and safety laws on:

managing asbestos in Cairns

Manage the risk with our members

Asbestos-related jobs are complicated. You need to follow current legislation and laws to do them right. There are many requirements and procedures needed to be taken into account. Referring to the current legislation, asbestos-related works must only be performed by professionals or workers who hold a license.

If you’re looking for exceptional services, then you’ve come to the right place.

Asbestos Watch Cairns strives to connect you with great contractors to develop a sound asbestos management plan Cairns. Our endorsed members are fully A-class licensed, highly skilled and trained.They have a vast experience in handling ACMs in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

We take pride in our experts’ skills to deliver quality services and their dedication to meet clients’ needs and expectations. Our approved assessors will do an inspection at your workplace in order to prepare and develop a proper AMP for your building. They will check and inspect the building thoroughly to come up with the best management program for your property.

They will record the existence of fibrous products in your building in a register. If needed, they can do ACM testing works to be sure about the presence of fibres within your property.

Our approved contractors are equipped with proper sampling kits to collect the samples.

If there is a damage or broken fibrous product, our licensed removalist will remove it safely. The removed ACMs will be put in sealed plastic bags and disposed of in a legal facility that is approved by the Cairns city council. Once the disposal process is completed, you will receive the final written report.

Trust your asbestos management plan Cairns project to our endorsed contractors. All works will be conducted in the safest manner and in compliance with the national and local laws. Contact our approved contractors today – you will get a sound asbestos management plan Cairns service at a value cost!

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