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Our main goal is to ease you in finding the best solution for your problem to solve your anxiety related to the issues. Through our site, you will find the right contractor that professionally deliver a worth consultation without harming your pocket.

We will not compromise on safety

Our endorsed contractors are licensed and accredited experts with years of experience in dealing with hazardous materials. Your safety is our most important concern. Our approved contractors are dedicated to serve you with safe, healthy, and toxic-free procedures that will result clean, clear, and healthy working or living environment. Working with the NSW OHS Regulation 2001 that requires demolition work, including ACMs removal, to comply with the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHCS) code practice and guidance material on hazardous materials, is our fundamental principal in assuring all works appropriately done.

What do the Asbestos Consultant provide for you?

A hygienist or Asbestos Consultant is generally conduct in a site audit and prepare a Hazardous Substance Management Plan (HSMP), and perform clearance review by the end of the removal process.

Site audit report can’t be considered as HSMP while it requires risk assessment, risk control measures, consultation, training, and documentation of safe working practices and procedure. A site audit should be performed to:

  • identify the site,
  • measure the area size,
  • check the site availability,
  • analyze the dangerous materials type and condition.

The HSMP must meet the requirement of OHS Regulation 2001 chapter 6 and 8 about the management of Hazardous Substances work. While performing audit for the site, The HSMP must be prepared, including:

  • location and total amount of materials,
  • removal methods,
  • monitoring exposure method,
  • process of material handling, storing, and removing.

It is a recommendation to avoid conflict of interest perception that ideally the consultant should be hired independently of the removal contractor.

Call Asbestos Watch Brisbane endorsed contractor immediately to bring you solution of trusted, licensed, and experienced dangerous substance experts. Our endorsed removalists are the most recommended experts in Brisbane that fulfill your requirements with affordable payments.